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As the owner, Andrew Miller is the parent of a mentally disabled son; he is passionate about the plight of the disabled in this country. He has been fortunate to find a fantastic school for his son, Casa Do Sol. who offers these special children a safe place to learn, develop and experience many sporting and social activities that would otherwise be unavailable to them. As Casa Do Sol is a government school, the parents who can afford it are fortunate enough to only have to pay regular government school fees however all the additional costs incurred by the school for the necessary therapists, specialised equipment etc which are essential when dealing with special needs children is raised via fundraising. Casa Do Sol is therefore a registered charity organisation, the donations received through personal and corporate donors, fund raising events and Casual Day are essential life lines for the school being able to provide the quality care and education that they do.

If you or your company is looking for a charity to support, someone to add to your “My School Card” please consider Casa Do Sol. If you take part in Casual Day or would like to, please consider getting your tickets directly from Casa Do Sol as this provides a good income for the school annually as R4 of each ticket sold goes directly to the school and this goes a long way in helping to pay for the many needs of the school.

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