Corporate First Aid

Features of SMART Services

  1. Facilitators and trainers are recruited from the emergency services - this means that a facilitator with real-time practical experience in emergencies and life threatening situations tutors the learner
  2. Extra modules can be added to the course at the clients request - thus allowing for the tailor making of the course content to suit the clients individual needs and requirements without deviating from the legal requirements and current DOL legislation
  3. Courses are structured on a 50% theory and 50% practical format and are all outcomes based - this ensures that each learner receives maximum hands-on practical instruction in the acquisition of specific psycho-motor skills, as well as a thorough cognitive understanding of the relevant theory, thereby enhancing the learners level of confidence and competence
  4. Each learner receives their own “Personal Training Pack” for the duration of the course - this eliminates ‘front-of-class’ embarrassment, reduces the chance of cross-contamination and enhances personal hygiene
  5. Training is conducted nation-wide at no extra cost to the course attendance fee - this affords multi-national companies and organisations the opportunity to have employees and members trained countrywide, thus creating uniformity and standardization of knowledge within the organisation (Conditions Apply)
  6. We cater for all literacy levels - this enables learners from all social and business levels to attend our learning interventions
  7. We utilise a unique facilitating method with an “easy-to-learn” format - this method creates an accelerated learning curve and enhances long-term memory retention
  8. We pride ourselves on professionalism, reliability and punctuality - this will ensure that we will become the preferred service provider and quality assuror for first aid training

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