Accidents can occur in the blink of an eye

Accidents can occur in the blink of an eye, especially where children are concerned. Children move around quickly and have inquisitive minds so before you know it they are in the cleaning goods cupboard or climbing onto the kitchen counter with hot pots on the stove or sneaking off to the pool for just one more swim.

Would you know what to do should an incident occur?

Would your child know what to do should you have a heart attack, stroke or go into a diabetic coma?

Basic first-aid and CPR training can not only reduce pain and suffering at the time of injury, but can also lead to a quicker and more effective recovery and can even help save lives. As such, every parent, family members and care givers should invest a few hours of their time to learning basic first aid & CPR training. Knowing how to alert the emergency services should be commonly known by all members of any household

The SMART Solution is passionate about ensuring that parents, family and care givers are as a well prepared as possible to react appropriately to any incident that could occur in any home and to instill a culture of safety first to try and prevent accidents from occurring. As with all our courses we take on a practical hands-on style of training, ensuring long term memory retention.

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