Total Health, Safety and Environmental Management (THSEM)

We understand that occupational health and safety, environmental, emergency and quality management – are complex topics that are very often misunderstood, difficult to interpret and often simply ignored. Our on-site consulting will assist in the implementation and roll out of new health and safety, environmental, emergency or quality management systems and offers advice on the everyday running of existing systems.

In addition to the on-site services we also offer 24 hour telephonic consulting as well as emergency advice on situations that occur in the workplace.

Total Health, Safety and Environmental Management (THSEM)

THSEM includes a full array of products and services to ensure that a company is fully compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Local and Municipal regulations, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards.

This is done in the following manner:

  • An initial legal compliance audit is done to ascertain the company’s overall strengths and weaknesses.
  • A set of policies and procedures, also termed a management system, will be drafted for the company specific to the nature and scope of the work being performed on the premises. These policies and procedures will be presented to the CEO of the company for approval and implementation by management.
  • In addition to the policies and procedures an emergency response plan will be drawn up dealing with the exact floor plan of the premises concerned. This emergency response plan will include situation specific procedures for the major role players in an emergency reaction team.
  • Once policies and procedures have been approved, a half day induction training programme will be developed and implemented to ensure that all employees and contractors are made aware of the new documents and their responsibility towards the newly implemented management system.
  • Those who show interest in the safety and emergency field will be nominated in accordance with the management system as health, safety and environmental representatives, first aid providers or fire team members. Training will then be provided for the respective candidates on the chosen path. The training provided will be in accordance with above mentioned emergency response plan as well as the policies and procedures.
  • All equipment necessary for the emergency teams to conduct their work will be provided and the teams will be trained on how to use the items supplied.
  • Once all of the systems have been implemented a follow up audit will be conducted to provide a before and after look into the effectiveness of the systems implemented.
  • Follow up services include setting up of health, safety and environmental committees and assisting with the running of these meetings, independent health, safety and environmental inspections, bi-annual emergency evacuation drills, inspection and annual servicing of emergency equipment.

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