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Systematic Medical And Response Training

The word “SMART” in our company name stands for:
Systematic Medical And Response Training

Systematic – Because we believe that emergency first aid training courses, where the aim is that of saving lives, should be both learned and facilitated in a manner creating an enhanced learning-curve with long-term memory retention, and is systematic in format and presentation. In other words…..Logical!

Medical – Because we believe that these courses should be medically based according to the fundamentals of emergency first aid and basic life support. Quite simply, the more medical knowledge you have the more proficient you will perform as an effective first responder.

Response – Because we believe in the true essence of the word “Response”. It’s all about being willing and able to respond to the assistance of a fellow human being in a time of need. This may sometimes require personal sacrifice and demands a genuine care for others.

Training – Because we believe that the more people that are trained in the basics of providing emergency first aid and CPR, the less the death and disability rate in our communities will be. Training is therefore probably the most important word in our company’s name. It represents the ultimate goal; the successful acquisition of both confident cognitive knowledge, and competent practical ability.

All courses are conducted by experienced, dedicated and registered instructors, who are passionate about teaching these essential life skills. We use the latest audio-visual technology in the form of dynamic, inter-active DVD and PowerPoint presentations.

We aim to become THE SOLUTION for all
your Health and Safety requirements.

We Live By Our Motto:
“Resuscitation through Education”

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